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  • Inspect completed rubber products or products in process for conformance to specifications

  • Inspect products for such items as width, weight, length and markings, using ruler, thickness hardness gauge, protractor and book of specifications

  • Verify temperatures pressures on machine recording instruments

  • Tags substandard products discusses defects with department supervisors to correct them

  • Write report on all substandard products

  • May inspect storage area to make sure specified racking of rubber goods

  • May inspect mixing machine to make sure that it is functioning according to specifications.

  • Three years of working experience as Quality Control Inspector
  • Use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Talk to others to convey information effectively
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  • Quality control Inspector Resume Job Description:

      Examines rolls of wallpaper for defects, like discoloration, printing irregularities, streaks, & color splashes, & tests for improper coating or waterproofing. Unrolls portions of wallpaper rolls or hangs rolls on test wall to examine for surface defects symmetry of printed figures, register of colors & uniformity of waterproof coating. May inspect new paper stock to detect ripples or other flaws. May inspect sample rolls of wallpaper for printing irregularities before authorizing printing of remaining rolls. May apply specified test chemicals to wallpaper sample to test for washability.

  • Quality Control Inspector Resume Job Description:

      Inspects magazines, periodicals, catalogs, pamphlets, & rebound books for defects, like loose, torn, or wrinkled pages, missing staples, incorrect bindings, incorrect book cases, & warped laminated paperback covers. Selects copies of publications from machine or table & examines covers & copies for defects, like ragged edges, torn or wrinkled pages, incomplete cuts, incorrect bindings, incorrect casing material as well as color, author s , titles, call numbers, dirt glue on covers & bubbles in laminated covers. Fans pages to detect defects, like errors in numbering, duplicate pages, color variation & inaccurate registration, ink smears, cut print, missing inserts and additionally dirty wrinkled end papers. Notifies operating personnel of defects. Locates removes defective copies from conveyor, stacking table, or pallets, & disposes of defective publications according to instructions from supervisory personnel. May clean covers as well as repair defective books, using cloth, cleaning solvent, & variety of handtools bindery machines. May examine finished books as well as compare information on worksheet with work performed on books for accuracy completeness. May stack books on conveyor or table for shipping. May operate machine to print shipping labels for boxes [Addressing-Machine Operator clerical 208.

  • Quality control Inspector Resume Job Description:

      Inspects completed handtools as well as parts in process, using statistical sampling techniques following printed procedures, to evaluate quality of products. Selects, according to sampling tables, percentage of production lot of tools, like planes, bit braces, levels, garden shears, tape & folding rules. Examines tool or part to judge quality of finish to detect visible flaws, like cracks in castings. Measures dimensions angles for conformance with blueprint or tabular specifications, using measuring instruments. Tests hardness of metal components [Hardness Inspector heat treating ]. Moves working parts of tool by hand to judge smoothness of action. Function tests mitre boxes as well as saws by making trial cuts to verify accuracy of mitre gauge absence of saw run-out. Secures drill bit or counter bore in powered chuck bores holes in wood to evaluate cutting action. Records findings on chart. Rejects or accepts entire production lot according to quality of sample inspected. Notifies supervisor when sampling indicates progressive deterioration in product quality, in order that corrections can be made in machine setup or operating procedure to forestall production of unacceptable work. Verifies accuracy of production gauges against master gauges. Computes percentages, ratios, & proportions of product-quality deviations in order to prepare engineering reports analyses.

  • Quality Control Inspector Resume Job Description:

      Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect electronic systems, assemblies, subassemblies, components, & parts for conformance to specifications, following blueprints, drawings, & production assembly manuals. Examines layout installation of wiring, cables, subassemblies, hardware & components to detect assembly errors. Compares assembly with parts list to detect missing hardware. Examines joints, using magnifying glass as well as mirror, & pulls wires cables to locate soldering defects. Examines alignment of parts measures parts for conformance to specified dimensions, using precision measuring instruments, like micrometers, vernier calipers, & gauges. Twists dials, knobs, shafts, & gears to verify freedom of movement. Traces cables as well as harness assemblies, following cable wiring diagram, to verify routing of wires to specified connections & conformance of cable lacing insulation to manufacturing standards. Measures plated areas for uniformity thickness, using micrometers or dial indicators. Verifies location of bolt rivet holes, using templates, check fixtures, & precision measuring instruments. Examines parts for surface defects, like chips, scratches, & pinholes. Examines production documents to make sure that all assembly, inspecting, & testing steps were performed according to specifications. Calculates percentage of defective parts, using calculator. Records inspection data, like serial number, type percent of defects, & rework required. Resolders broken connections on components parts. Performs functional operational tests, using electronic test equipment like frequency meter, oscilloscope, & signal generator [Electronics Tester any industry 726. 261-018], or performs destructive tests to define tensile strength of product or part. May inspect lay out optic axis of raw quartz crystals, using optical inspection equipment, & be designated Inspector, Raw Quartz electron. May inspect parts at random be designated Check Inspector electron. May inspect units on assembly line be designated In-Process Inspector electron. or final product be designated Final Inspector electron. May be designated according to type of unit inspected as Inspector, Subassemblies electron. ; Inspector, Tubes electron.

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      Examines machine-made light bulbs for defects. Selects sample carton from each lampmaking unit, tests lamps bulbs for lighting & visually examines bulbs for other defects. Records number of defectives informs department supervisor when percentage of defective lamps exceeds allowable limits, requiring inspection of entire unit output. May open tips of sample bulbs with knife, immerse bulbs in water, measure amounts of water remaining in bulbs, & compare amounts with standard chart to define whether sufficient gas is injected by machine.


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