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Job Title: Agricultural Technician
Duties And Responsibilities [are to]:
  • Record data pertaining to experimentation, research, or animal care
  • Collect samples from crops or animals so testing can be performed
  • Prepare data summaries, reports, or analyses that include results, charts, or graphs to document research findings results
  • Adjust testing equipment, and also prepare culture media, following standard procedures
  • Operate laboratory equipment like spectrometers, nitrogen determination apparatus, air samplers, centrifuges, and also potential hydrogen pH meters to perform tests
  • Measure or weigh ingredients used in testing or for purposes like animal feed
  • Plant seeds in specified areas, and also count the resulting plants to define the percentage of seeds that germinated
  • Supervise pest or weed control operations including locating as well as identifying pests or weeds, selecting chemicals application methods, scheduling application, and also training operators
  • Measure as well as mark plot areas, and also plow, disc, level, and also otherwise prepare land for cultivated crops, orchards vineyards
  • Conduct insect or plant disease surveys
  • Examine animals specimens to define the presence of diseases or other problems
  • Perform general nursery duties, like propagating standard varieties of plant materials, collecting germinating seeds, maintaining cuttings of plants, or controlling environmental conditions
  • Operate farm machinery, including tractors, plows, mowers, combines, balers, sprayers, earthmoving equipment, or trucks
  • Perform crop production duties, like tilling, hoeing, pruning, weeding, or harvesting crops
  • Devise cultural methods or environmental controls for plants for which guidelines are sketchy or nonexistent
  • Maintain or repair agricultural facilities, equipment, or tools to make sure operational readiness, safety, and also cleanliness
  • Set up laboratory or field equipment, and also prepare sites for testing
  • Transplant trees, vegetables, or horticultural plants
  • Supervise or train agricultural technicians or farm laborers
  • Prepare or present agricultural demonstrations
  • Respond to inquiries requests from the public that do not require specialized scientific knowledge or expertise
  • Assess comparative soil erosion from various planting or tillage systems, like conservation tillage with mulch or ridge till systems, no-till systems, or conventional tillage systems with or without moldboard plows
  • Conduct studies of nitrogen or alternative fertilizer application methods, quantities, or timing to make sure satisfaction of crop needs minimization of leaching, runoff, or denitrification
  • Record environmental data from field samples of soil, air, water, or pests to monitor the effectiveness of integrated pest management IPM practices
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